Co-Presenter at SXSW 2011

Causebuilding Games:
Fundraising & Social Gaming Streams

With the rise of DIY gamebuilding engines the cost of game production now makes it possible for nonprofits, political campaigns and other public organizations to create a game overnight. Trends in social gaming for the social sector include persistent communities for causes, dynamic solution-based crowdsourcing challenges and transmedia campaigns that fit well with video and web planning for large or small groups. Are you trying to live video with virtual worlds for your upcoming fundraising event? Need to create a quick game, campaign or experience for your constituents but daunted by the task? Selling virtual goods to raise money for a crisis cause? Explore mixed reality production, streaming embeds, twitter and comment community integration, game creation on the fly, collaborative processes for production. Figure out how to get your teams building together in 3D worlds, video mixes, challenges and design jams. Play your passion and make it fun for new people to engage with you!

Hashtag: #GamesFTW


Presenters: Evonne Heyning (CCO/Founder, Toyshoppe Systems), Josephine Dorado (Professor/Producer, The New School/This Spartan Life)

SXSW 2011
12 March 2011