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reACTor @ TEDxFulbright

mobile news meets mobile gaming I and Jeremy Pesner presented reACTor as part of TEDxFulbright’s Social Innovation Challenge. reACTor re-envisions news & activism by combining them in a mobile game to encourage activism around news stories people care about. presentation: http://bit.ly/reactorprezi website: http://reactor-game.com 5 April 2014

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TechCamp Ramallah

TechCamp is a program under the U.S. State Department’s Civil Society 2.0 initiative that connects civil society organizations (CSOs) across the globe with new and emerging technology resources to solve real world challenges and build digital capacity. At TechCamp Ramallah 2013, men and women from a range of Palestinian civil society organizations and industries participated, […]

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CoLab: Urban Gaming

In the summer of 2013, La MaMa’s CultureHub introduced CoLab, a series of intensive workshops focusing on a variety of art forms and creative technologies for young and emerging artists. Four modules were offered: Module 1: Poetry, Beatmaking and Found Sounds Poetry and hip-hop sound engineering collided, exposing artists to myriad possibilities for fusing diverse lyrics, […]

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TechSoup | Nonprofits Live: GAMES

Game-based technologies can serve as powerful tools for advancing social action, civic engagement, and health for youth. This interactive Nonprofits Live: GAMES webinar featured a lively mix of nonprofit technology guests sharing their unique perspectives on ways to harness the power of gaming as a catalyst for good. You’ll hear how some organizations are using games as […]

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Instant Online Collaboration: Just Add Dance

The Creating Participatory Learning Through Performance workshop was part of the MobilityShifts: Future of Learning Summit. It focused on improvisational performance as a framework for online collaboration and distributed learning. By leveraging the affordances of shared virtual world space and creative frameworks, we can build richer online rapport and an optimal environment for instant collaboration and participatory […]

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SXSW 2011

Co-Presenter at SXSW 2011 Causebuilding Games: Fundraising & Social Gaming Streams With the rise of DIY gamebuilding engines the cost of game production now makes it possible for nonprofits, political campaigns and other public organizations to create a game overnight. Trends in social gaming for the social sector include persistent communities for causes, dynamic solution-based […]

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World’s Fair Use Day 2011

World’s Fair Use Day panel on Playing Fair: Remix in the Gaming Community Washington, DC. Topic: Fair Use, copyright issues and remix culture in the game community. Moderator: Josephine Dorado Panelists: Larry Oji, OverClocked ReMix David Lloyd, OverClocked ReMix Jay Pavlina,  creator of “Super Mario Bros. Crossover” Introductory presentation:  http://slidesha.re/p1FzJK Video of panel: http://youtu.be/cX_2da_W4jU World’s Fair Use […]

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Presenter at IgniteNYC  reACTor: a location-based mobile gaming app that connects news with social action reACTor (working title) is an initiative to create a mobile game that allows users to “play the news” — players would be shown the news 10,000 feet around them (or other specified distance), and then are presented with social actions […]

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This Spartan Life LIVE at PICNIC

This Spartan Life LIVE at PICNIC 2009 This Spartan Life, a talk show inside the game space Halo, was invited to be part of the PICNIC Festival 2009 in Amsterdam, Netherlands. We interviewed video game expert Dr. Gerri Sinclair, with an appearance by Peter Molyneux, creative director of Microsoft Game Studios Europe. It’s a mixed […]

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