I see beauty in the space between physical and digital, where space folds in on itself as distances collapse and bodies become hyperbodies. I am obsessed with the way that the body is translated into online space, blending the digital with physical as our corporeal forms become more networked. As an artist and social entrepreneur, my work focuses on innovation in hybrid online spaces: the convergence of physical with digital, arts with technology, and games with calls to action. Exploring the networked body has led me to embodied storytelling and using the power of performance and improvisation as constructs by which cultural connection can creatively and organically occur in mixed virtual/physical spaces. Creating frameworks for online+physical storytelling generation has been at the core of my research interests for many years and this has manifested in my expertise with the medium of mixed reality storytelling, blending digital with physical stories, architecting transmedia experiences and creating dynamic and engaging media narratives. By creating open and flexible frameworks through which creative interplay can take place, bonds can be forged that transcend temporal and geographical boundaries, imbuing online interactions with the richness of real life and infusing real life interactions with horizon-expanding experiences.


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