Josephine Dorado is a social entrepreneur, producer, professor, and performing artist whose work focuses on the innovative convergence of physical and digital experiences, arts with technology, and games with calls to action. Her work has been awarded both a Fulbright Scholarship and a MacArthur Foundation Award in Digital Media & Learning. She continues to be involved with the Fulbright community as President of Fulbright’s New York chapter. Previously, Josephine founded Kidz Connect, a virtual cultural exchange program that connected youth internationally through creative collaboration and theatrical performance in virtual worlds. She currently teaches at The New School, specializing in Digital Advocacy and Networked Collaboration, and is a trainer for the State Department’s TechCamps, an initiative to aid civil society organizations in developing countries by building their digital capacities. Her speaking engagements include Talks @ Google, TEDxFulbright, SXSW, IgniteNYC and SIGGRAPH. She balances her work in online spaces with her passion for teaching Pilates, combining a technology-infused life with a physical, embodied way of being. Her next ventures are Some Collisions, a performance installation and online media experience that synthesizes stories of scars with media narratives from communities affected by war, and reACTor, a mobile news game that encourages civic engagement around news stories. Twitter: @funksoup

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