Presented and Organized by Art Alliance Austin, Austin Museum of Digital Art (AMODA), Fusebox Festival & Texas Biennial

Art and Technology Session 1: Update from the front lines
April 30, 12:00pm – 12:45pm

A round-table discussion featuring a handful of arts professionals and artists that are specifically working with the intersection of art and technology. The participants offered insights into their own work, the work of others they admire, questions technology raises for them, other currents/trends they are seeing, perhaps where they think we are headed, and why they are interested in this intersection.

Art and Technology Session 2: A Glimpse Ahead
April 30, 2:00pm – 2:45pm

Part round-table discussion, part brainstorming session–this talk examined different ways we might foster a more meaningful, interesting interaction between the art world and the technology world. Are there models we can look at? Are there meet-ups or gatherings in other cities we should emulate? What are some various ways these two communities can work together to spark innovation and push us forward? Additionally, if Fusebox wanted to initiate an art and technology series or platform, what might that look like? What is its function (i.e., is it essentially a lab for artists and technology professionals? Is it a showcase? etc)? If so, what sorts of parameters might be interesting? Who are potential players? Are there other models (nationally and internationally we should be looking at)?

Participants: Wayne Ashley/FuturePerfect, Josephine Dorado, Phil Soltanoff, Robert Matney, Reggie Watts

Facilitator: Ron Berry/Fusebox Festival