TechCamp is a program under the U.S. State Department’s Civil Society 2.0 initiative that connects civil society organizations (CSOs) across the globe with new and emerging technology resources to solve real world challenges and build digital capacity.

(Following is quoted from Jamie Findlater’s write-up on TechCamp Kyiv 2012: TechCamp Kyiv Equips Tomorrow’s Global Citizens with Technology):

“On September 12-13, 2012 in Kyiv, Ukraine, the U.S. State Department hosted the 13th TechCamp, a program initiated to build the digital literacy of civil society organizations around the world. TechCamp Kyiv, themed Creating a Global Citizen: Building Schools without Walls, brought together over 80 civil society organizations comprised of educators, youth advocates, and community organizers from Ukraine and Belarus to work together and examine how social challenges can be addressed using effective, low cost, easy-to-implement technology solutions. TechCamps raise the digital literacy for civil society organizations by bringing in local and regional technology experts to educate, train, and work with civil society groups.

Ambassador John F. Tefft kicked off day one with remarks expressing the commitment of the United States to youth development. Ambassador Tefft said that technology in the hands of teachers, librarians, and youth advocates “gives hope for the future.” Technology experts such as Samantha Barry from the BBC, Josephine Dorado, The New School / Kidz Connect, and Angela Odour from Ushahidi sprang to action offering five minute “speed-geeking sessions” aiming to expose participants to quick case studies of what is possible in the realm of new technology use. Trainers told stories such as “Getting the Message Out Using Online Tools in Burma,” “Mapping Famine Data to Advocate for Change,” and “Using a Mobile App to Rate Schools in Moldova” to peak interest. Eighty-minute dedicated training sessions followed, providing the civil society groups a “deep dive” into the specific application of technologies.

Following the two-day formal TechCamp Kyiv event, were two “mini TechCamps”. Three international trainers [Josephine Dorado, Trevor Knoblich and Wayne Burke] traveled to both Donetsk and Kharkiv in Eastern Ukraine and engaged with over 40 additional civil society organizations and librarians throughout the Eastern Ukrainian region where they offered training sessions on mobile, gaming, and online engagement. We hope that this is event propels participants’ efforts to educate and build capacity among the next generation of Ukrainians and Belarusians so that they can become true global citizens.”


After the success of TechCamp Kyiv, the U.S. Embassy in Kyiv requested a follow-up webinar to touch base with former TechCamp participants as well as to involve new participants in a presentation and discussion on educational gaming and online engagement. Here’s the TechCamp Kyiv 2 webinar we presented via Google Hangout on Strategies for Implementing Innovative Game Plans:

Marichka Lototska (aka Orchidee Stachelig) wrote a very nice review of the webinar:
(in Russian, see below for translation): Из игры в реальность. Джозефин Дорадо о разработке компьютерных игр и их возможности влиять на нашу жизнь 
(Roughly translated into English): From games to life, Josephine Dorado talks about the development of computer games and their ability to affect our lives

TechCamp Kyiv: 12-13 Sept 2012 (Ukraine)
TechCamp Donetsk & Kharkov: 14-15 Sept 2012 (Ukraine)
TechCamp Kyiv webinar: 29 March 2013 (Google Hangout)