#Acroyoga awesomeness: Miro flying like a bird w @BluNathan at our #CroatiaRetreat @AdriaticYoga

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Gorgeous morning & stunning view from the studio in Croatia

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#yogaeverywhere: side plank overlooking Dubrovnik #Croatia

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Getting a little ‘bow’ pose in before heading into a long grantwriting session. #aerial #fitness

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So much fun, it’s hard to believe it’s a workout. More #aerial duo fitness fun (cc @BluNathan)

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Stacking shapes: #aerial duo fitness fun w Jill Carnegie in prep for retreat w @BluNathan

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My #MashupCulture class is one of the classes featured on the University Ctr bldg @TheNewSchool (13th St & 5th Ave)

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30 yrs of amazing work & he’s still having so much fun onstage. Danny Elfman=boss. How wonderful to re-connect!

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Love seeing proud parents of #trans youth @ #PrideNYC #LoveRules

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