Check out the paint job on this bird. It’s a Dornier Do28-G92 & can climb to 13,000 ft in under 10 mins. Zoooom!

Posted from: Wiener Neustadt, Austria

Here are the kids talking abt growing up Muslim in America & the Netherlands & interesting discussion abt what ‘white’ means

Posted from: NY, USATeens from Huygens College in Ansterdam and Academy of Urban Planning in Bushwick, talk abt deconstructing stereotypes.

@ Academy of Urban Planning w 17 dutch teens fr Huygens. They’re pairing up w NY teens, comparing cultures & stereotypes

Posted from: NY, USATeens from Huygens College visit teens @ Academy of Urban Planning

what I think is so cool abt Streb’s choreography in ‘Catapult’ is the defiance of gravity-almost an unwillingness to succumb…

Posted from: NY, USA

Streb’s “action heroes” performing during Catapult, Friday, 10 April 2009

wish I had had my little Flip cam to catch the action because this
image doesn’t quite capture the compelling energy. The show runs till
17 May at their S.L.A.M. (Streb Lab for Action Mechanics) playground, complete with flying, falling, edge-pushing and barrier-breaking. 🙂

Gorgeous: crispy poached eggs w caviar & creme fraiche, paired w passion chili cocktail. Prix fixe lunch @ Perry Street rocks

walking around lower manhattan showing marc the ‘dutchy’ parts of town, like Stone Street

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Tibetan demonstration going west along 42nd St/6th Ave. A throng of people marching & chanting ‘Shame on China!’

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