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Russell Shorto on dutch history of NY & the Island: mobile GPS game connecting players in NY/Amsterdam http://bit.ly/pisl #PICNICNY

Carolien Gehrels, mayor of Amsterdam, speaking abt creating longtrm collab btwn NY & Amsterdam, & shared value of tolerance #PICNICNY

Soraya fr NY Times & Goods4good on the importance of finding the most apropos community 4 ur interests (ie, tumblr’s music community) #ArtsTech

virtual guide dog aids blind usrs to navigate SL via stereo snd, helpful txt to speech msgs http://bit.ly/2mpXaF #npsl #n2y4 

Health Panel Expo mixed reality panel-Cecelia/FasterCures on patient engagemt & Second Life=part of cure process #npsl #n2y4

Cecilia from FasterCures speaking on patient engagement & Second Life as part of the cure process – part of the mixed reality panel during the NPSL Health Panel Expo  The avatar on the left is Cecelia and the live stream is from the room in the NetSquared conference. Susan Tenby (SL: Glitteractica Cookie) is introducing […]