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#Montreal on a gorgeous day from atop Mont Royal Taken at Parc du Mont-Royal – Mount Royal Park

#Montreal on a gorgeous day from atop Mont Royal Taken at Parc du Mont-Royal – Mount Royal Park

My fave piece of Pilates equipment: the trapeze table or ‘cadillac’ -another awes class @CorePilatesNYC Taken at Core Pilates NYC

This view + cocktails + friends = perfect nightcap. 🙂 (thx @MickDarling!) Taken at Rooftop @ 75 Wall Street

update on yesterday’s high altitude jump: 99 seconds of freefall and getting past the fear to get to the beautiful… So I did my first high altitude jump yesterday (from 23,000 feet!). I was nervous and excited. More nervous than usual – maybe because I hadn’t jumped in a couple of months, or maybe because […]

Nom factor of 10 on a cold day: hot chocolate w a heart in the milky middle Posted from: 26-28 Washington Square North, USAFrom Third Rail Coffee, one of my fave coffee joints in the city: nom factor of 10 on a scale of 10 + staff that always cracks me up

Best.Conference.Idea.EVER: hammock-like beds overlooking the lounge area, for quick disco naps in btwn events. WIN.

There’s a dutch word that defies English translation: gezellig – which implies something like a homey, friendly, comfortable vibe – ‘cool’ in a warm way. That’s what PICNIC has been; in addition to being just downright awesome and inspiring, it’s gezellig. I write this as I sit under the TwitterTree, kicked back on green pillows and […]

prepping for This Spartan Life – LIVE @ #PICNIC09

We’re here at PICNIC, a 3-day festival for movers and shakers in the creative and innovation fields (it’s akin to the TED conference, but funkier and in Amsterdam) – full of ideas, fun and sensory stimulation in media, technology, entertainment, art and science. PICNIC site: http://www.picnicnetwork.org/ Live Map: http://www.mobypicture.com/group/picnic/map We’ve been invited to do a live version of […]

from Plaza Ché, with love

Day 2 and T-3 hours till premiere tonight. As Montzerrat and I walked through the campus of the National University of Colombia this morning, I took photos of some of the graffiti on the buildings. It’s an interesting campus where students really express themselves and it’s evident in the politically charged art everywhere. In the […]

hello from La Candelaria in Bogota & the adorably cute flat we’re staying in

Hello from Bogota! Montzerrat and I are prepping for the Encuentro Festival where we’re premiering Firsthand performances, a multimodal project that fuses physical and online performance and explores performance as dialogue, live and within Seesmic. More on that later, we’re running off to set up the space at the National University of Colombia. Here are some […]