Gorgeous day for flying -& for coming home (at John F. Kennedy International Airport (JFK))

Fireplay @SkydiveNE (at Skydive New England)

From Palestine to parachutes in Maine: @SkydiveNE for the Tiki Bar boogie (this tiki bar burns tonite!) (at Skydive New England)

#StreetArt in Tel Aviv (at Anna Loulou)

On the road out of Ramallah: the beautiful & sparsely settled hills in Palestine. #latergram (at Palestine)

Bye Ramallah! It was good getting to know you. #latergram (at Ramallah)

#latergram: Night out in Ramallah at a surprisingly hopping little place (at LaWain)

Blue skies & #architecture in Ramallah (at Ramallah)

Our #TechCamp Ramallah group just gave a rockin preso of Go-N-Ramallah, mobile storytelling game built in @7scenes (at Caesar Hotel)

G’morning! Day 2 of #TechCamp Ramallah – go! (at Caesar Hotel)