Cabula6’s Crash Course: a wonderful twist

My friends at Cabula6 presented a performance with a twist: the audience was invited ‘onstage’ at TanzQuartier Wien to cook recipes culled from the folks at the Macondo refugee community, then the Macondo folks came in to a huge surprise & we all had dinner together, with performance interludes featuring scenes about the ‘slippery search for home’
Jeremy & Claudia from Cabula6 have kept this a secret for weeks, saying only that it’s a surprise while exchanging stealthy glances with their cast & crew. They’ve been living in the Macondo for the past 6 months, getting to know the community inside-out & realizing projects like this & the Macondo Bus Stop/Living Maps project, among many others.
An absolutely wonderful night with delicious convos & cuisine, calling forth ideas & questions of “home” while making us all feel at home like one large family gathering for a feast.
Kudos to Cabula6 🙂

More pics in my Cabula6: Crash Course flickr set