Women in Tech: Mobile & Mapping toward Resilience & Recovery

women at a roundtable discussion; one woman with a mic in her hand speaking; text overlay says "Women in Tech"

The Fulbright Association’s NY Chapter presented a Women in Tech panel which featured women in the mobile and mapping fields focused on crisis response and resilience-building. The pivotal role of mobile tech and mapping in crisis response has become increasingly apparent: rescuers in the Philippines used social mapping to direct typhoon response, and SMS to map services helped Hurricane Sandy-affected residents to text their location and needs to a contact number, which automatically mapped the information so the community could respond. Mobile technology like SMS, in combination with social mapping, has paved the way for a form of ‘artificial intelligence crisis response’ that has much potential.

map of philippines showing priority areas traced by digital volunteers

Map of Philippines showing priority areas traced by digital volunteers in OpenStreetMap

Panelists included Liz Barry (Director of Urban Environment @PublicLab, Co-Founder @TreeKit), Heidi Boisvert (CEO & Creative Director of futurePerfect lab), Cathryn Stickel (Operations Manager @FrontlineSMS) and Alyssa Wright (VP, Civic Programs @BoundlessGeo), moderated by Josephine Dorado (Professor @TheNewSchool, President of Fulbright Association’s NY Chapter).

Event info: http://fbnywomentech.eventbrite.com

YouTube video: http://youtu.be/5hGGhuOvdzU

3 December 2013