3×3 / 30×30 was a mixed reality performance that incorporated live dance and video in Rome and the virtual world Second Life. It was performed as part of the Romaeuropa Festival 2007. Choreographer Paul André Fortier performed his piece 30×30 in which he danced a 30-minute solo everyday, at the same time, for 30 days, in an open urban space, totally exposed to the weather and passers-by. For this rendition of the piece, he was in the Piazza San Lorenzo in Lucina (Rome, Italy). In Second Life, a set of parallel performances, called 3×3, was presented in which there were 3 performances in 3 different places for 3 minutes at a time, incorporating both reality and avatar-based dance performances and video. Performers from New York, NY and Tempe, AZ – Josephine Dorado, John D. Mitchell, Christine Benham, Lauren Watson and Sean Nevin – joined in the virtual mix. The date of the final performance was Sat, 15 December, during the closing festival party. Emiliano Campagnola was VJ-ing in the Piazza, mixing Fortier’s live performance with images from 30×30 and 3×3.

Photos from the 3×3 performance: http://flic.kr/s/aHsjvPqnYL

Featured image courtesy of Romaeuropa Festival archive

Saturday, 15 December 2007
2:15pm MST / 4:15pm EST / 22:15 GMT+1
online in Second Life: Funk Soup Theater, Gembong West, 31/75/556 SLURL
and at the Piazza San Lorenzo in Lucina (Rome, Italy)

realized by Paul Andrè Fortier
curated by Emiliano Campagnola
in collaboration with Stefano Cormino, Bruno Capezzoli, Josephine Dorado

Animations / Second Life dancers:
Members of ADaPT (Association for Dance and Performance Telematics) which includes Josephine Dorado; John D. Mitchell, Christine Benham, Lauren Watson (Arizona State University, Herberger College Dance); Sean Nevin (Virginia Piper School of Creative Writing)