This Is Not a 2+2=4 World was a spoken word and dance piece written and choreographed by Josephine Dorado and performed by Dorado and R. Wesley Kaye. It was presented as part of the Bending Minds with Spoons Festival at the Tampa Bay Performing Arts Center (now the Straz Center for Performing Arts). In a review in the Tampa Tribune, Joanne Milani stated,

“In This Is Not a 2+2=4 World Dorado combined her own poetry and dance into a wistful, sometimes humorous, look at love and relationships…Love doesn’t always add up for the lithe Dorado. She can cradle a chair like a lover, swing it like a club and rub herself against it like a cat. Her movements are fluid, but her poetry is a little hard to keep up with. Still, she works in some wonderful moments of humor and wisdom as she outlines for you some clever calculus about love and closeness.”